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School activities in the classroom can be extremely beneficial to the students. Depending on the activity, school activities can improve listening and communication skills as well as semantic knowledge and visual memory. Participating in school activities can also increase confidence and help the class to work well together as a group.

Improve Communication Skills and Confidence

Improve Listening Skills

Develop Semantic Knowledge

Develop Visual Memory


Improve Communication Skills and Confidence
Group school activities which focus on the development of verbal comprehension, such as when the class follows instructions, can significantly improve the communication skills within the class. Activities that involve individual performance, such as drama, can also increase a student’s confidence in communicating with other people, in and out the classroom.

Provide developmentally appropriate movement opportunities Summary: Appreciate and recognize the importance of movement for young children and the unique ways and differing levels of movement ability of each child. Provide enough time for physical activity in your program and give children the opportunity to feel success.