June activity

June activity

In the month of June the SCS arranged some activities for students from STD I to VIII to inculcate the values of dignity of labour, active citizenship and courage amongst them, which was followed by theme “Power of Green”.

  • Farming at SCS

 Students of STD I and II carried seeds of  various plants to the school garden and enthusiastically sowed them into the soil, their happy faces are looking forward to see the seed grow into a plant.

  • Handwriting competition

SCS arranged a handwriting competition for STD III and IV  where the students displayed their skills in presenting beautiful handwriting.

  • AD-MAD competition

An AD-MAD competition organized at SCS was great fun student of STD V and VI actively participated in the competition by displaying their talent through funny acts.

  • Speech competition

Students of STD VII and VIII gave an excellent performance by presenting their speaking skill on the topic the science behind changing climate.