School uniform


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School Uniform

BOYS Regular Uniform P.T Uniform (Wednesday & Saturday)
1. Lemon yellow shirt 1.White baggy shorts white T-Shirt with house emblem and colours.
2. Navy blue shorts 2.White canvas shoes and white socks with house colours (two strip)
3. Black shoes(lace) with

blue socks

4. Navy blue tie
Girls 1. Navy Blue tie 1. White divider
2. Lemon yellow blouse 2. White T-Shirt


3. Navy blue pinafore 3. White canvas shoes and white socks with house colour (two strip)
4. Black shoes(buckle) &

blue socks

4. White ribbons or white hair band


  • The parents are requested to put the identify mark inside the collar of each uniform, inside the shoes and inside the caps, for easy identification.
  • Sweaters navy blue colour with school emblem.