Monthly Archives - January 2018

Digital Art Festival at Silver Crest School

The Digital Art Festival exploring the unknown future of brimming buddies was celebrated at Silver Crest School on 13th January 2018. New technologies are merging the physical world and transforming mankind to be Techno-savy. Keeping the ball rolling in gusto the students of Silver Crest School participated in the Digital Art festival and the competition organised by NIIT. The topics for standards 1st to 5th (Jr.Group) were “My School” & “Festivals of India” and for standards 6th to 8th (Sr.Group) the topics were “My Dream World” , “My India” & “Amusement Park”. Students from both the groups participated enthusiastically in the competition and excelled their talents in a unique and innovative manner.

Founder Director Mr. S.M. Katkar and Executive Director Mr.JayeshKatkar appreciated the techno-talent of all the students. Principal Mrs.AnujaYerudkar expressed her views saying that certainly these students are going to have a bright future in this Digital World.