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A game of Parachute

A game of Parachute — The object behind this activity is to develop fine motor skill, colour discrimination, team work, concepts and to have fun and enjoyment.

left Hander’s

Silver Crest School left Hander’s Day on 13/08/17. Various activities like colouring. Handwriting and drawing

competition were conducted . The left hander students of primary and secondary section participated in these activities with great enthusiasm founder Director Mr. S. M. Katkar and  Principal Mrs. Anuja Yerudkar  encouraged the students to enhance their innovative thinking and appreciated them for their wonderful creativity.

Creative mind in creative hands

An interschool drawing competition was organized on 13th August 2017 by Silver Crest School. This competition was arranged under the able guidance of the Founder Director S.M Katkar Sir and Principal Anuja Yerudkar.

Students of Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg from different schools around Pune eagerly participated in this competition. The hidden talents of students were reflected in their drawings. Students proved that they not only excel academics but also shine in exhibiting their skills by their skills by their creative presentation. Children came up with amazing artwork in drawing using crayons.

The judgment of the creations was done by Mr. Jayprakash Jagtap. It was really tough job selecting the best drawings amongst many. Mr. Jagtap and Katkar sir inspired the students to excel their skills in extra circular activities. The team of Silver Crest School made this event grand success.